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starsupport's Journal

where you can find help and support for anything
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This is a place for support with anything and everything...whether you are dealing with depression, cutting, an ED, or just regular stuff like boys, girls, school, parents, divorce...You can find the support you need!!

Here's just a few rules:
1. If you do not need any support and are just here to bash and make fun of people that do, GET OUT!
2. You need to fill out an application (you can find the outline on the bottom) and put it under an lj-cut (don't know how? figure it out!) Then wait to be accepted by me so we can make sure that we aren't just accepting people who don't need anything. This is a community to help and support others and we want to make sure we have people that will do just that. We do not want to force beliefs on anyone in here, and if you do not agree, then get out. We cannot control what may happen if you are negative toward our community. We do have the freedom to kick you out at anytime.
3. No spamming in the community! Take it elsewhere.
4. You can talk about anything in here. Anything that you are dealing with or not dealing with too. This is just a place to find friends and get support when needed.


-Location (optional):

-Give us your favorite quote:
-Make us laugh:
-What kind of clothes are in your closet?:
-How many pairs of shoes do you own?:
-How many cell phones have you owned?:
-TV shows:
-Who inspires you and why?:

PICTURES (if possible)


-Why have you come to this community ?

-What do you need support for?

-Are you willing to give advice and support as needed in this community?