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APPLICATION BASICS: -Name: sorry but for my safty i cant say -Age:… - where you can find help and support for anything

oddie_rebel13Jan. 5th, 2005 07:48 pm


-Name: sorry but for my safty i cant say
-Age: 14
-Location (optional): cant say
-Sex: female
-Straight-Gay-Bi(optional): straight

-Bands: umm i like to many to count
-Movies: horror or comady is good
-Books: umm i read alot so i dont know
-Give us your favorite quote: it cant rain all the time
-Make us laugh: hahahahhah lol hahahahha umm. i dont know (pulls out magic wand) ****laugh***laugh***
-What kind of clothes are in your closet?: umm a little bit of every thing mostly sporty things things i can move in
-How many pairs of shoes do you own?: umm thats r wearable....4 or5
-How many cell phones have you owned?: 1
-Obsessions: uumm finding my long lost freinds and dogs and stuffed aniamls
-TV shows: that 70s show the nany south park mad tv ect
-Who inspires you and why?: my mom cuz her life was just as hard as mine but she tries to make it better every second for me and does and she loves me much!!!as i do her!!!!

PICTURES (if possible) sorry no cam!!!!


-Why have you come to this community ? ccuz my sis has done bad stuff to me and mymom called it abuse but i dont know how to deal with all that stuff and im so confused and sometimes ill have slumps where im just all of a sudden depressed and i cant talk to ne one i know about it cuz i dont want them to think im weird or have to look at their face lookin back at me as tho im syco...ect

-What do you need support for? my "abuse"??? i guess and losing slot of my freinds

-Are you willing to give advice and support as needed in this community? yes and i am willing to take critizism from everyone!!

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Date:March 28th, 2005 09:42 pm (UTC)


hey im 14 too and im new to live journal
just know im always here to talk too u dont have to give me any information im the same way all 4 the safety factor but i am a girl and im 14 and have delt with abuse so post me a message sometime